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Virtual Visits
Ohhhh, I love doing virtual visits! I offer free 30-45-minute sessions for classrooms anywhere in the world 🙂 My free virtual sessions (usually either via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or the educator/librarian’s preferred platform) for kids ages 8-12 include a short introduction about me and my books, then a Q&A. Kids ask me just about anything—writing, my favorite books, the Philippines, and even about my pet ducks! My sessions are fun and full of laughs, so I usually space my sessions at intervals of an hour in anticipation of overtime. And if any of my pets are in the mood, I usually include them during the sessions, which always levels up the fun. 🙂 Kindly send me an email about your interest through the form below and let’s work something out!

In-Person Visits
I live in Cainta, Rizal in the Philippines so this is a bit tricky if you’re not in the Greater Manila Area. But I travel a lot, so it’s possible I might be in your country or province. Depending on my schedule, I may also be open to out-of-country or out-of-city visits if you’re providing travel and accommodations. Either way, contact me! Please be sure to indicate your location 🙂

Book Clubs
I also love meeting book clubs who have discussed my book. I mean, who doesn’t? 🙂 Anyhoo, if you want me to meet your book club virtually or in-person, do let me know.

Workshops (Virtual and In-Person)
Contact me and let’s discuss!

*** NOTE: Because of current pandemic restrictions, I can only do virtual visits at the moment. *** I’m doing in-person visits again now, hooray! 😊

Book a Free Author Visit with Gail

Book a free author visit with me and it’s totally FREE! Just purchase copies of my books for your school, library, class, or book club and get a Free 30-45-minute ONLINE author visit from me. Limited slots available per week from May 2024 till the end of the current school year. First come, first served.

Please select the DATE you want me to do the author visit.
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