Short Fiction

Outliers of Speculative Fiction
The Banana Tree
Short Story

Antonio “Toto” Palpal-latoc, Jr., is a fatherless 12-year-old living with his useless mother in the isolated town of Calajuacan. Like the “good son” he is, Toto puts his duty above all else — even his own emotions. But when a strange banana plant tests his patience, Toto unleashes a being he thought only existed in myths and legends. This powerful creature comes from the stars, and, as Toto will find out, ultimately changes his life.

“The Banana Tree” is part of Outliers of Speculative Fiction anthology. Get it here:

Diversity is Coming
Seven Weeks
Short Story

A YA fantasy short story for Diversity is Coming, a high fantasy anthology. My story features Doolei, a Man’Anggal creature, who is trying to come to terms with the death of her older brother.

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My Name is Pedro
My Name is Pedro
Short Story

Pedro is a tikbalang, a half-man, half-horse known to have a penchant for lying and mischief. He moves to the city to start anew, and becomes friends with the unlikeliest beings. Soon, Pedro’s past begins to catch up with him, making him wonder if he could ever escape his tikbalang nature — a deceiving creature who spends lifetimes alone, friendless.

My Name is Pedro is part of the Anything Goes Anthology. Available in ebook and paperback.

Jack-o'-Lantern Tales of Treats and Tricks: Hallowe'en Drabbles
Unlit Candles
Flash Fiction

I’ve always been more comfortable writing longer forms of fiction — short stories are actually a challenge for me — so I thought I’d give flash fiction a try just for the experience. I contributed a story in exactly 100 words for this anthology, Jack-o’-Lantern Tales of Treats and Tricks: Hallowe’en Drabbles. It also includes a short write-up of how my drabble came to be.

Available as an ebook.

Quackie the Pekin Duck
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