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Megan Ilnitzki at HarperCollins has acquired Lulu Sinagtala and The Tagalog Gods by Gail D. Villanueva (My Fate According to the Butterfly). In book one of this middle grade fantasy duology, 11-year-old bisexual and epileptic Lulu discovers that the Philippines she thought she knew is actually full of magical creatures and meddling gods. When Lulu […]

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Thursday, 9 June 2022

Emily Daluga at Abrams has bought Hanna Alkaf’s The Beasts Beneath the Winds, a middle grade anthology and compendium of mythical creatures from Southeast Asian lore. Contributors include Brandon Hoang, Dow Phumiruk, Erin Entrada Kelly, Gail D. Villanueva, Greg Van Eekhout, Hanna Alkaf, Jesse Q. Sutanto, June CL Tan, Mae Respicio, Moniza Hossain, Nadia Mikail, […]

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In this fast-paced, thrilling middle grade fantasy rooted in Tagalog mythology, a young Filipino girl discovers realms beyond our own full of monsters and gods, a terrible evil who wants her magic, and even a talking duck! The first book in a duology from Gail D. Villanueva (My Fate According to the Butterfly) that’s perfect […]

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Monday, 28 October 2019

Jolina can’t take Claudine’s bullying any longer! The taunts and teasing are too much. Though Jolina is still learning her grandfather’s arbularyo magic and isn’t supposed to use any on her own, she sneaks into his potions lab to get her revenge. There she creates a batch of gayuma, a powerful love potion. And it […]

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Light and deep, smart and funny, crushing and hopeful all at the same time, My Fate According to the Butterfly will open your eyes to both the world’s potential for magic, and to its harsh realities. When superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly, an omen of death, she knows that she’s doomed! According to […]

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