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Monday, 4 January 2016

And so, another year has gone by. Like any other year, it was both bad and good. Bad, because 2015 was wrought with ungrateful people wrecking havoc in my life — not to mention meeting the most unprofessional employee of a client I ever had in my 20-year career as a web designer. But I learned to let go of those I needed to. On the other hand, 2015 also brought some of the best people and experiences in my life. Most are too personal to share, but the ones I can, have more to do with my (hopefully soon-to-be) writing career.

I’ve completed my first novel (a Middlge Grade gaslamp fantasy), and met the awesomest folks on Twitter. They helped me make my writing so much better, giving me encouragement to keep on doing what I do best, but still honest enough to tell me what I lack. They’re gems of the rarest kind. It’s hard to find somebody confident enough about their own abilities to give you the compliment you deserve, and at the same time, geniunely help you improve in those areas you’re weak.

I’m yet to go back to the query trenches with this manuscript. I made the mistake of rushing into things before. Thankfully, my impatience didn’t do my manuscript too much damage. I thought I had to get the story out as soon as I could, before someone else did. But my editor, critique partners, and beta readers told me that I didn’t need to. They believed in my story, and eventually, I did too. It didn’t matter if I take another year to do my edits, because it was a story only I could tell, in my own way.

Although I feel as though I do better with long form, I did have a couple of short stories published: “The Banana Tree” and “Seven Weeks.” I might do a few more, but for now, I’ll be concentrating on polishing my manuscript so I can find it a home, then begin on my next novel.

2016, be kind to me! I’m certain there will be some drawbacks (life will be boring if there isn’t, right?), but I’m still hoping for the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

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